JIM COOLEY  “The Voice of Champions”



  • Official Announcer for One Directions: 1D Day chosen by Simon Cowell
  • 2014 Cali Fights – Ring Announcer of the Year
  • 2013 Cali Fights – Ring Announcer of the Year



  • Ring Announcer of the WFC
  • Ring Announcer of Nick Diaz’s WAR
  • Ring Announcer of Central Coast Throwdown
  • Official Announcer for One Direction’s 1D Day, chosen by Simon Cowell
  • Co-Podcast DJ for


Jim Cooley began Ring Announcing in 1995 for various Boxing and Wrestling shows, mostly in and around  the Sacramento area and Northern California.  He is a lifelong fan of all combat sports and has trained in Kenpo Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, DSF, Wrestling and Boxing.

Prior to announcing Cooley had trained in Boxing at the Washington Neighborhood Center in Sacramento. Cooley trained under legendary trainer Don Conelly. Getting strong training with Loretto Garza and Clayton Williams as training partners.

He took time off from ring announcing to try his hand as a professional MMA fighter. He has trained with Paul Smith of the IFC,  UFC Veteran Cal Worsham and a short stint with The Diaz Brothers out of Stockton, CA.

After winning an 8 man amateur MMA tournament in 1996 Cooley competed in the IFC, Mark Halls Cobra shows,  the Sacramento Showdown grappling shows and  others.  Cooley went toe to toe with wrestling expert and UFC fighter Dennis Hallman in 1999 at The Sacramento Showdown 2.

Never fully willing to give up his true calling as an announcer, Cooley continued to announce and commentate for Professional Wrestling, MMA and Boxing. Having been the Announcer for All Pro Wrestling in Hayward, CA (featured in the Ron Howard film Beyond The Mat).

Cooley recently returned full time to Announcing and has focused on being the best ring announcer possible. Since returning he has Announced for USA Boxing, the International Fighting Council, Nick Diaz WAR (where Cooley was just made permanent announcer by owner Nick Diaz) and many others.

His experience as a fighter gives him a unique perspective as an announcer. With his clear, deep voice and crisp diction Cooley is an asset to any combat sports promotion.


“Cooley has a great voice and a good rhythm for the job.  I hope that WAR MMA keeps going strong and keeps him announcing fights, because he helped tremendously with the viewing experience.”

Zane Simon of

“A lot of MMA announcers are cringe worthy in MMA. Cooley is solid, keep up the good work “


“Just wanted to thank you for your help as my ring announcer. You sounded great and were very professional. Ill be calling you again once I promote another event. “

Jason Von Flue, UFC Fighter

“When I first hear that Jim Cooley was announcing, I wasn’t sure what to expect.. be on the lookout for JC announcing at future upcoming events. Great Job!”

– Riley Prisock, 5150 Fightwear

“Jim is one talented announcer.  He can really take over the emotions of the audience!  Excited to see what the future holds for Jim!”

– Rick Gebin, FOA: Family of Athletes